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There are many reasons for moving. Maybe you got that once in a lifetime job offer or your family is growing and quickly running out of space. Maybe you want to relocate to a new neighborhood or find a house with a bigger backyard.

Whatever reasons influence you to sell your home, you have some important decisions to make. People often feel overwhelmed not only by the complexity of selling their home to a new owner, but by the surge of emotions they feel leaving their home.

This guide offers some sound advice, as well as important information about selling your home in Minnesota.

Spring is finally here, and your landscaping wants your attention. Show your gardens some love, and boost the value of your home.

The mortgage business has gone from lending money to anyone that has a pulse to scrutinizing absolutely every little thing when a buyer’s application is submitted for approval.  This isn’t all bad, it’s just that the buyers have to be absolutely squeaky clean with no unanswered questions in order to get a mortgage today.  I’m told from some of the lenders that the underwriters (the final decision makers) have huge authority to approve or reject a loan today.  The lenders are frustrated in that the rules for RD and FHA loans are continually changing and what the lender tells a potential home buyer today may not be true next week.  All this will hopefully settle down (hopefully sooner rather than later) so that we and the lenders will know that when we give information to buyers, that information won’t change.


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